Thursday, November 29, 2012

Winter Bears

During the Winter Bear Theme Unit we talk about the BIG word: Hibernate.
Grizzly bears hibernate, or sleep all winter.

Build A Den
Provide blankets and pillows and have the children construct a bear den.  
I used a 'parachute' to drape over the kids.  
We shook the parachute to pretend it was the cold winter wind. 
Then we shrunk down to pretend we were fast asleep.  

Old Bear by Kevin Henkes
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? by Eric Carle

Sleepy Bear
tune Fere Jacques
Are you sleeping, are you sleeping
Grizzly bears, grizzly bears?
Tell us when you wake up.
Tell us when you wake up.
When it's Spring!
When it's Spring!

It's Winter for Mr. Bear
tune: The Bear went over the mountain
The bear is eating some berries
The bear is eating some berries
The bear is eating some berries
It's Winter for Mr. Bear.

Munching on grass.
Catching some fish.
Digging a Den.
Going to sleep.

Bear Mobile
With this craft we talked about the foods bears eat.
You can also add berries and grass to the mobile.

Christmas Bear

Other Crafts:


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