Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Ornaments

This is a simple and yet beautiful craft for children to make.
There faces light up when they hang one of their very own decorations on the Christmas tree.

Plastic, clear ornament.
Tissue paper cut up into squares.
Elmer Glue
Paint Brush
Glitter Glue (optional)
Ribbon (optional)
With paint brush, apply glue on the ornament, small sections at a time.
Place tissue paper on the glue.
You may have to help the child make the tissue paper flat.  
(I used the paint brush to go over the tissue paper).

Ribbon around the middle of the ornament is optional.
Glitter glue applied over top of the ornament gives a nice touch!

This is an easy craft for preschool and kindergarten kids to make.
You may have to help the younger children, but they are just as proud of their Christmas Ornament.

Merry Christmas!

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