Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Learning the Alphabet {Letter B}

 Busy Bees Relay Race
Put a picture of flowers on a bucket and fill it with cotton balls. Place it on one side of the
room. Place a bucket with a picture of a beehive on the other side of the room. Give each
child a spoon and tell them they get to pretend to be bees and collect the pollen from the
flower bucket and take it to the beehive bucket. Have them place a cotton ball on their spoon
and take it over to the beehive bucket. See how many they can carry in one minute.



Saturday, September 7, 2019

Learning the Alphabet {Letter A}



Oh My Apples!
tune: Clementine
We love apples, juicy apples.
They are red and very sweet.
Let's go pick them from the big trees.
They are such a tasty treat!

Ring Around the Apple Tree
tune: Ring Around theRosie
Ring around the apple tree,
Her comes a big breeze!
Apples, Apples
We all fall down!

Apple Farmer
tune: Bingo
There was a farmer had some trees.
His apples were so tasty!

His apples were so tasty!

Apple Pie
Put 5 large red pom-poms (apples) and a plastic shovel at a center along with a pie pan.  A child places the pom-poms on the shovel and then says "Apple Pie!" as she uses the shovel to toss the appples into the tin. If the child is able, she counts the apples that made it into the pie tin.

Apple Stack
In advance, cut out 10 apple cards and attach each apple to a block.  Read aloud "Ten Apples Up On Top!"  By Dr. Seuss. Next, hold up a number card and identify the number Then say "Stack [number] apples up on top."  Have a child stack the appropriate number of apple blocks.  Then say "Let the apples drop!" prompting the child to knock down the stack.  Continue with other numbers.
Matching Apple Cards

On the Tree, On the Ground
I went to an apple orchard-what did I see?  Point to self. Put hand above eyes.
Apples high up in a tree!  Point up.
I went to an apple orchard-guess what I found!   Point to self. Place hands out with palms up.
Apples down low on the ground.  Point down.
Reach up high.   Stand on tiptoes and put hands in the air.
Bend down low.  touch toes.
Gather the apples.  Clap to the beat.
The home we go!