Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween FUN!!






NOTE: Bring in a box to use. Develop motions to go along with each line, and encourage your listeners to chime in on each “dark, dark” line. And then have them retell the whole story with you. 

There was a dark, dark path…
(pantomime a path)

And down that dark, dark path…
There was a dark, dark house…
(pantomime house)

And in that dark, dark house…
There was a dark, dark door…
(pantomime do or)

Behind that dark, dark door…
(pantomime opening door)

There was a dark, dark room…
And in that dark, dark room…
There was a dark, dark closet…
(pantomime door)

And in that dark, dark closet…
(pantomime opening door)

There was a dark, dark shelf…
And on that dark, dark shelf…
There was a dark, dark box…
(bring out box)

And in that dark, dark box…
There was a…GHOST!
(shout this word to make your listeners JUMP!)

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Room on the Broom

I am a sucker for children’s books. I work hard to build thematic sets of books for my day care kids, so when I heard about Room on the Broom I was beyond excited. 
 Room on the Broom story book is written by Julia Donaldson. While this story spent some time as a bestseller, I had never read it! I am always looking for books though and wanted to see if Room on the Broom fit as both a fun Halloween book and a good story.  
and YES! It does!
 Room on the Broom is a story easy enough for small toddler and preschool children to follow but with enough detail and depth of story to entertain older school age children. The illustrations alone clearly tell the story, but the playful and whimsical cadence of the text brings the artwork to life. It is not hard at all to fall in love with the not so scary witch who keeps bringing friends onto her broom. 
Our craft was one more way to enjoy Room on a Broom.

You can find this fabulous book and video below.

You can also view the entire video on Netflix.


The Litte Witch
tune: Muffin Man

Do you know the little witch, the little witch, the little witch
Do you know the little witch
with the cat and the broom?

Oh, yes I know the little witch, the little witch, the little witch
yes I know the little witch
with the cat and the broom.

Repeat with the other animals that sit on her broom:

with the cat, and the dog on the broom?
with the cat, the dog, and the bird on the broom?
with the cat, the dog, the bird, and the frog on the broom?


Room on the Broom Tot & PreK Packs by Royal Baloo

Handprint Broom and Witch Hat

Saturday, October 21, 2017


October is a fun month when the air gets crips and the leaves start to turn.
Adults and kids can share a fun day making a scarecrow.  
If you aren't into make a life size one, here are some fun crafts for your little ones to enjoy.

 Candy Corn Maze is great game for Fine Motor Skills

This is a great song paired with puppets as kids can act out the song as they sing.  
I found this cute idea at consumercrafts
5 crows all shiny black
Sat on a scarecrow’s back,
Eating some most delicious corn… yum, yum!
Scarecrow winked and shouted “Boo!”
Scared one crow and away he flew!
Now there are 4 black shiny crows, caw, caw!
And then you repeat until you get down to zero. 



Wednesday, October 18, 2017


October is one of my favorite months because there are so many fun books and projects. As you can see, I especially love pumpkins.

Five Little Pumpkins.  This is the classic chant that everybody knows.  It's short and sweet and easy for a preschooler to memorize.  "Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate, the first one says 'Oh my, it's getting late'..." All five pumpkins say something and then they roll out of sight.

We made our own little pumpkins out of paper lunch bags.  We painted them and drew on faces, stuffed newspaper in and tied it with a pipe cleaner.
Then we lined up the pumpkins on our "gate" and knocked them over one by one with a ball.  This was a huge hit.  They played for a long time, eventually throwing the pumpkins at each other, but they were having fun.

The next craft continues our fun chant.  
This week was a great pumpkin week with so much to do!

Recognizing numbers and counting pumpkins.
Teddy Bear Pumpkin
Painting Pumpkins
Pumpkin Do-a-Dot worksheet
Funny Face Pumpkins


5 Little Pumpkins Activity
perfect for circle time

Five little pumpkins talking happily. 
Point to smiling faces.
The first one said, “Look! What do you see? 
Point finger to one side.
The second one said, “I think it is a cat.” 
Make whiskers with hands on both sides of face.
The third one said, “I think it is bat.” 
Make flapping wings.
The fourth one said, “I can't it see from here!” 
Look through binoculars.
The fifth one said, “It's getting close. Oh dear!” 
Cross arms across chest and shake as if afraid.
Then flap went the wings as they heard this sound. 
Flap arms and make sound effects of bat after the word sound. 
Five little pumpkins jumped to the ground.
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5! 
Children take turns jumping in order while counting.


Where is Pumpkin

tune: Where is Thumbkin
Where is pumpkin, where is pumpkin?
Here I am! Here I am!
How are you this evening?
Very Scary, thank you!
Run away, Run away!

I'm a Little Pumpkin
tune: I'm a Little Teapot
I'm a little pumpkin
orange and round.
I from on a vine from
a seed in the grown.
when I get all grown up
give me a face.
Put me outside in a very safe place.

Pumpkin funny face craft found on TPT
Teddy Bear Pumpkin found at first-school