Monday, August 19, 2013

Letter F

Foil art:
This is fun, but messy.  Take markers and go to town coloring on aluminum foil.  The kids love seeing how the colors are vivid and mix together.  I put clear plastic wrap over top and taped the back. That way the marker doesn't get all clothes and other thing when the project is done.

Fish art:
This is a quick and simple way to re-enforce the letter F.  You can use stickers or foam stickers to place on the paper next to a letter F cutout.
This fish craft is easy!  Take a paper plate and cut a triangle from it.  Place the triangle on the fish to represent the tail of a fish.  You can paint or use markers to color in your fish.

We made firefighter hats and watched a video about firefighters.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Mister Seahorse

I am a huge Eric Carle fan!  Mister Seahorse is a fun story for the kids to learn that "Dad" carried the eggs instead of "Mom".  The book also describes different ways other fish put their eggs, like on it's head.  I got a lot of giggles from this book.


The girls sponge painted the colors, trying to match the colors of Mister Seahorse.  I punched holes on the seahorse's head, then strung colored yarn to make it look like the fins.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jelly Fish

Continuing with our ocean theme we made a Jelly Fish.  The kids loved this project.  Who wouldn't with all those eyes!

This craft is a jelly fish with wiggly legs.  It was a bit hit with the girls.