Sunday, September 28, 2014

Things we find in Autumn


Pom-pom Tree
Glitter Acorns
Leaves In The Air
tune: Wheels on the Bus
The leaves in the air [go up and down],
[up and down, up and down].
The leaves in the air [go up and down]
all around the town.
[twirl round and round]
[go whooping by]
[fall gently down]

Changing Leaves
tune: London Bridge
Leaves change colors in the fall.
In the fall, in the fall.
Leaves change colors in the fall.
They're so lovely.

I'm a Little Acorn
tune: I'm a Little Tea Pot
I'm a little acorn - look at me!
I live high in an old oak tree.
My face is green but will soon be brown
when leave start to flutter on the ground.

Leaves Are Falling
tune: Where is Thumbkin?
Leaves are Falling
Leaves are Falling
All around
To the ground.
They are such a nice sight.
Dancing in the sunlight.
Floating down,
To the ground.

Clifford's First Autumn (Norman Bridwell)
Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf (Lois Ehlert)
Nuts to You! (Lois Ehlert)
Apples and Pumpkins (Anne Rockwell)
Autumn Across America (Seymour Simon)
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves (Lucille Colandro)


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