Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fire Safety

 This week was Fire Prevention week and we talked about Fire Safety.

I made cut outs of fireman clothes and equipment. 
The kids dressed their fireman by putting the clothes onto the pre-printed man.

I drew a simple house and put spots of red, yellow and orange paint on the windows.
The kids blew the paint with a straw to make upward swirls of paint to represent fire.
I got a lot of giggles from this activity!

Beep, Beep, Beep
(sung to the tune of "Mary Had A Little Lamb")
Smoke alarms say "beep beep beep"
"beep beep beep.  beep beep beep.
Smoke alarms say "beep beep beep"
When there' smoke in the room.

If there' smoke, get down and crawl.
Down and crawl, down and crawl.
If there' smoke, get down and crawl.
There's fresh air near the floor.
 We talked about the different ways a fire can start.
Then we made a camp fire from torn strips of brown construction paper to represent the sticks.
Crepe paper was rolled into balls and glued ontop of the 'sticks' to represent the fire.

I created a phone key pad and had the children press the buttons for 9-1-1.
One of the books we read was "Clifford, The Firehouse Dog" by Norman Bridwell.
This was the kids favorite one.
Stop, Drop & Roll!
To prepare for this activity, make a fire prop by taping lengths of red and orange crepe paper to a cardboard tube.  We talked to the children about the importance of knowing how to stop, drop, and roll in case their clothes were to catch fire.  It is important that youngsters to understand it is important not to run because it will make the fire spread.  We showed the children how to stop, lie on the ground, and roll back and forth. Wiggle the fire prop near each child over them while they do the 'stop, drop and roll'.

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