Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Leaves

Celebrating Fall is so much fun!
We made Leaf Prince and Princess headbands.
With the little ones I let them explore in paint.
Using fall colors they dipped the tips of their tiny fingers. 
I showed them how to place finger prints on the tree to make fall color leaves.
L was our letter of the day.
I traced the letter L and the kids filled it in with leaf stickers.
This week we have a lot of fun songs to sing about leaves.
I copied them for the kids to take home, this way the parents can join in with the tunes!
Leaves in the Air
(tune: wheels on the bus)
The leaves in the air [go up and down]
[up and down, up and down]
The leaves in the air [go up and down]
All around the town.
Continue with: [twirl round and round / go whoosing by / fall gently down]

Changing Leaves
(tune: London Bridge)
Leaves change color in the fall.
In the fall, in the fall.
Leaves change color in the fall.
They're so lovely.

Leaves Are Falling
(tune: Where is Thumbkin?)
Leaves are falling
Leaves are falling
All around
to the ground
they are such a nice sight
dancing in the sunlight
floating down
to the ground.


Step 1 - Cut out a tree pattern.
Step 2
Use fall color paints, a papertowel scrunched onto a clothespin.
Step 3
 Dab colors onto your trees.