Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Transportation and Boats

Boats are always a fun subject to talk about during a transportation theme.
I got out the water table and placed many different objects in it, like: toy block, rock, matchbox car, ivory soap, cherry tomato, cork, etc..
The children had to guess which items would sink and which would float.

We read the story: Toy Boat by Randall de Seve.
The children were fascinated with the many adventures the little toy boat had when it went out to sea.

I printed out a B letter worksheet.
 For 2-3 year olds it's best to have them trace the letter with their fingers first. 
Then give them a crayon to try to make the letter.  
You may still have to show them where to begin and end.

 For our craft I cut out a square foam piece from recycled meat trays, then put a small hole in the center.  The children pasted their "sail" to the craft stick and decorated it.  When it dried we inserted the stick into the foam boat.
We tested their boats in the water table.
The children were so excited to see their boat float in the water.

tune: jingle bells
Motorboat, motorboat
going round the boy.
Motorboat, oh Motorboat
this is what you say,
putt-putt-putt, putt-putt-putt
putt-putt all the way.
Motorboat, oh motorboat
You putt-putt-putt all day!

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