Thursday, September 6, 2012

Feelings / Monster Bag

This theme of the week is 'Feelings'. 
 Today we read a story about a big, green monster.
Then we made our own Monster.
I cut out monster feet and glued them onto a manila folder to make them more study.
You will be glueing them to the bottom of the 'monster' paper bag.

Draw a monster face on a paper bag.
Then stuff the bag with newspaper.

Tie string around the top to close it and make it 'monster hair'.


During circle time we made silly faces, angry faces, scared face and happy faces.  

The song we sang:
So Many Feelings (tune: Where is Thumbkin)
Where is (happy)
Where is (happy)
Here I am, Here I am.
I am very (happy)
I am very (happy)
Yes I am, yes I am.
Continue with: sad, mad, silly, etc.
(credit: www.themailboxcompanion.com ~ August/September 2009)

Make your own faces and paste on a popsicle stick.  This goes great with the song above.

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  1. Brilliant! Thanks for sending this my way.

    Inspired by your creativity we made fishbowls out of construction paper the other day and added different colored fish and decorated with rocks and seaweed all made out of construction paper. Put Pie loved it so much that she gave the one that she made to her best friend as a birthday card.