Monday, March 26, 2012

Garden Theme

This week we began a Garden Theme.
I showed the children seeds and we talked about what grows from seeds.
I explained how seeds need the sun and water to grow.
Next we took wet paper towels and wrapped the seeds, placed them in a ziploc bag and taped them to a window.  In a few days the seeds began to sprout.  
I planned on taking the children outdoors to plant the seeds, but our weather did not cooperate. So the kids took the seeds home to plant in their yards.

The worksheet we completed was "Mole's Garden".  The kids colored in the picture, glued brown pieces of paper on for dirt in the garden. Then I put some glue on their garden and the kids sprinkled bird food.

Mole's Garden: The Mailbox Etc (April/May 2010)

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