Monday, December 12, 2022

Christmas Tree {and the Letter T}

Your Christmas tree says a lot about your family; between the decorations and height, shape, and light color, these holiday symbols are the stuff of family tradition and urban legend.  In our family we have one tree everyone decorates.  The other two (yes, I know... I have 3 trees in my house) I do on my own because I am a control freak have a theme.

Fun Fact:
According to some historians, Queen Elizabeth II‘s great-great grandmother started our love of tinsel-trimmed trees. Queen Victoria of Great Britain was a trendsetter in her day – she even influenced the furniture style people preferred. Victoria and her German husband, Prince Albert, celebrated an ornate Christmas with their children every year during the mid 1800s. Their festivities included a Christmas tree decorated with candles, fruit and handmade ornaments. 


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