Monday, July 18, 2022

Beginning Sounds

 Introducing letters to your child with corresponding beginning-sound objects helps your child correlate beginning sounds when they see and feel an object. Literacy learning is a whole-body, sensory experience!

  • You will need a drawer storage cabinet I found mine at a  local hardware store.
  • I cut out the letters and carefully taped them onto the boxes.
  • For letter X: I included the x-ray picture — you can cut a lot of these out if you don’t want to purchase objects!
  • You may find some items at your house, so be on the look-out! (with Barbie sets, etc.) — I am still looking for little trinkets at Michael’s and little local gift shops to continue adding to my collection.

I should note that many of these items are huge choking hazards, so only use these learning materials when your child is ready to use them properly — and keep them away from any younger children!

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