Tuesday, March 15, 2022

St. Patrick's Day SLIME!


St Patricks Day  Shamrock Slime Recipe

STEP 1: Prepare your supplies

This slime recipe is pretty easy and it doesn't require too many ingredients, but it is handy to have everything prepared in advance, especially when making slime with kids.

STEP 2: Mix glue and water

Begin making your slime by mixing the glue and water together. You will need to pour the contents of your clear glue into a large bowl. Now, get the empty glue bottle filled with about full with warm water (about 1/4 cup) and seal with the lid. Give it a good shake to mix the remaining glue with the water. Pour the water into the bowl with the glue and stir it well to mix everything together.

STEP 3: Add baking soda

Next you'll need to add the baking soda to the bowl with glue and water mix and stir thoroughly.

STEP 4: Add your glitter and confetti for a special touch

Fun time! Now it's the time to add that extra little something, whether it's glitter or confetti (or both!) Add your chosen decor little by little while you keep stirring the mixture until the confetti, glitter and glue mixture is smooth. We added green glitter and shamrock and gold confetti but you can switch this up a little.

STEP 5: Add the perfect amount of secret solution!

Adding the contact lens solution to the glue is the top-secret ingredient to turn this mixture into a slime that is super smooth and velvety. Stir well to get a perfect mixture of all the ingredients.

PRO TIP: The amount of lens solution needed depends on the glue you'll use. Regular glue will often require less contact lens solution but a glitter glue may need more. Add the solution slowly and making sure to mix well. Remember you only need enough to get the glue together into a softball-like slime.

STEP 6: Take your slime out of the bowl and start to knead

Take the slime out from the bowl and leave any excess liquid inside the bowl. The slime will probably be super sticky. Start to play with it by kneading just as you would knead bread dough and that will make the slime come together smoothly. You'll know when to stop kneading once the slime is no longer sticky.


PRO TIP: Put your slime in an airtight bag!

When you have finished playing with your slime store it for next time. Your slime will last longer and stay in the best condition if you store it in an airtight bag or container inside the fridge.

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