Friday, April 9, 2021

What's the Weather?




                             BE THE WIND!

We gave the children dancing scarves and turned on some nature sounds. We pretended to be like the wind, dance and wave the scarves around.  We explained that breezy means that there is a light, gentle wind - then told them it is getting gusty, and they moved their scarves more vigorously.


The children made their own 'wind' by blowing through a straw to make beautiful artwork. We set out bowls of liquid water color paint and large sheets of paper to practice on. (tip: use glossy finger paper. It allows the paint to move more easily).


Umbrella Spring Craft found on TPT by Little Kinder Bears
Spring Rain Kids found on TPT by Little Kinder Bears
Weather Activities found on TPT by Planning Playtime
Spring Preschool Unit found on TPT by Play to Learn Preschool

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