Sunday, September 17, 2017


Apple week is one of my favorite weeks because it's the sign that fall is near.  
Plus it's a really yummy snack for the kids to eat!

First thing first... bobbing for apples!


Ring Around the Apple Tree
tune: Ring around the Rosie
Ring around the apple tree,
here comes a big breeze!
Apples, apples,
we all fall down!

Apple Pie in a Cup
This is such an easy recipe and there is no baking required! I use pre-packaged apple chunks but you could use apple pie filing as well. Ahead of time, I drain and put the apples in a large bowl. Then I add a dash of cinnamon sugar and mix it up.

We put a few graham crackers in a gallon size Ziploc bags. The kids take turns gently smashing with the palm of their hand the graham crackers to make the crust ( I suggest to model what "gently" looks like!).  Once the pieces are broken up, place a little crust in to the bottom of each cup. Next, we scoop a little apple mixture in to the cup and top with a glob of whipped cream. The kids LOVE this treat! 





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