Monday, July 21, 2014

A Camping We Will Go!

 Hand Print Camp Fire
 The Great Outdoors
 An Important Camping Accessory
 Fire Flies

You need two clear plastic cups approx. 6ozs. We painted one with green and brown tempera paint to look camouflage with a sponge. When it dries take orange, yellow and red tissue paper and put inside to represent flames. Lastly take the clear cup and put upside down on the painted cup. Hole punch both cups on each side and run a pipe cleaner thru each set of holes, twist and meet at the top to make a handle. There you have it a lantern!!

Take a grocery sack and let the children color it anyway they want. Trim about two inches off the top of the grocery sack. Attach the trim pieces to the back of the bag as straps.

Owl Search
Choose one child to be the owl.  Have the other children hide their eyes.  Then the owls finds a place to hide and starts softly "hooting".  Have the rest of the children open their eyes and try to find the owl.

Letter Fishing
Make a fishing game by cutting out paper fish. Mark them with different letters.  Turn the fish over so that the letters are not seen.  Lay out the fish on the floor and let the children take turns fishing for a certain letter.

Camping song
A Camping We Will Go 
A Camping We Will Go 
Hi Ho the Derry-O 
A Camping We Will Go

Continue with:
*We will pitch the tent right here

*We will go into the tent

*We are having so much fun "Hooray!"

Going Camping
tune: (Mary had a little lamb)
I am going camping, camping, camping
I am going camping,
With my family

Cooking Marshmallows
tune (Hokey Pokey)
You put the marshmallow in,
you take the marshmallow out.
You put the marshmallow in
and you turn it all about.

You put it by the fire
until it's nice and brown.
That's when you gobble it up
and swallow it down.


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