Monday, February 3, 2014

Heart-y Groundhog

There's one thing for sure - this little guy's got a lot of heart!

white and brown construction paper (head and teeth)
black and white construction paper (eyes)
flat, plain-colored toothpicks

Fold the brown construction paper in half. Place the straight edge of the large heart tracer on the fold; then trace it and cut it out.  Do not cut on the fold.

To make ears, trace the smaller heart tracer on brown construction paper. Cut out the heart; then cut it in half. Each half will be an ear.

Cut out a black construction paper nose. Then cut out the eyes and small white heart (for teeth).

Glue the ears, eyes, nose, and teeth onto the large heart. Then glue on toothpick whiskers.

Use markers to add details to the groundhog.

Happy Ground Hogs Day!

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