Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Each child made a thumb print around a circle to make a flower and two more on the stem.  We added a yellow pompom in the center of the flower.

The inside of the card said:

This little  flower is special, you see.
Because it was made from a part of me.
My painted thumb made each flower part
To show I love you with all my heart!



Celebrate Mother’s Day with this toe-tapping ditty. Write the word Mommy on your board. Then lead students in singing the song six times, removing a letter and replacing it with a clap for each verse.
(sung to the tune of “Bingo”)
I know someone who’s very special.
Mommy is her name-o!
M-O-M-M-Y, M-O-M-M-Y, M-O-M-M-Y,
And Mommy is her name-o!
song credit

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