Friday, April 19, 2013

Letter W

This week we focused on the letter W.

We made a window box and put flowers on them in front of a window.

We talked about the different things you wear in all kinds of weather.

You need empty bottles, blue dye, glitter and a hot glue gun.
I showed each child how the dye changes the water.
We added glitter to represent the rain.
 I hot glued the lid to the bottle to prevent little ones emptying the contents in the bottle.
You can image what kind of mess that would be!
The kids had fun shaking their bottles and watching the "rain" fall.

Continuing with the weather theme, we made umbrellas.
To make this craft you need coffee filters, markers, pipe cleaners and a spray bottle filled with water.
The kids colored their coffee filter any way they wanted.
The more color the better. 
We took the water bottle and sprayed it a little.
We added a pipe cleaner to make the umbrella handle. 



Why is the day all Gray? (Winnie the Pooh, Disney book)
The Wind Blew (Pat Hutchins)


Thunder, Thunder
tune of Frere Jacques
Thunder, thunder
(hit palms of hand on the floor)
hear me roar, hear me roar,
pitter patter rain drops, pitter patter rain drops,
 (take finger tips and tap the floor)
I'm all wet, I'm all wet.
(shake your hands like you are wet)

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