Daily Schedule

Aunt Tami's House provides a daily schedule but a very flexible one... sometimes we will spend mornings outside.  Sometimes, we may need some extra time painting, playing a game, playing with water, sand or play-doh.

8:00am                    Arrival and Free Play

9:15am                    Clean Up, Potty

9:30am                    Snack, Introduce Theme with Story

10:00am                  Calendar, Craft, Circle Time

11:00am                  Theme Related Activities / Outdoor Activities

12:00pm                  Lunch, Potty, Wash Up

12:30pm                  Nap/Rest Time

2:00 - 2:30               Wake Up, Snack, Potty

2:30 - 5:00               Indoor/Outdoor Free Play - - Pick Up Time

Having a small group of children enables me to recognize each child's strength and weakness.  I plan appropriate educational activities and provide many styles of learning because every child learns differently. I encourage them to do their best and use a hands on approach when needed. 

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