Contact us for any questions about the our Day Care or Preschool Program.
Let's set your child up for success!

Aunt Tami's House provides a lovingsafesupportivefun and educational environment for families who need affordablequality childcare.  

Full-time or Part-time.

Ages range from 12 months old (and walking) to 5 years old. 

Every child is a blessing and special.  I strive and make your child's experience at Aunt Tami's House a FUN and HAPPY one.  I give the children in my care opportunities to learn in a family/pre-school like setting with mixed age groups.  The can feel safe, loved and begin to build a positive self image.

12 months or older.

When there are no openings, please contact me, 
I'd be happy to add your name on a waiting list.

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