In-Home Child Care 

Home daycare, or family daycare, is exactly what it sounds like - daycare in a home instead of a center. This arrangement has been around as long as parents have had neighbors and friends nearby to help care for their children.  Today it's a way for many parents who prefer to stay at home and who truly enjoy taking care of children.


Beginning at a willing age, usually around 2, I offer a preschool program. There is no additional cost for this program.  The children love it because it is flexible, fun, educational and it allows us to enjoy other activities too.

About Me

I began 'Aunt Tami's House' so I could be home with my children and provide quality care for others who prefer a smaller setting versus a large day care center.
My boys are now grown, but I have continued to do what I love.
Early Childhood Education is my passion in addition to many years experience in a child care setting.

This blog is intended for the parents to view a glimpse of their child's day at Aunt Tami's House.

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